Get the sparkling smile you deserve with Eternal Smiles Dental Care.

Whether you’re coming in for a simple check-up,  whitening to smile make-overs or braces treatment to general dental care you can count on the same standout service.


Why Choose Eternal Smiles?

We do amazing dentistry every day for your dental health

We provide safe and compassionate care

We make beautiful smiles easily everyday

Our patients say their dental work lasts a very long time

Our goal is to make sure your visit is a happy one.

You will meet a friendly passionate team to care for your teeth health.


We have over 100 Google reviews.  

Patients have told us how well we have been doing and how their experiences have been.



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Our dentist qualities :

Knowledgeable to do the absolute best for you

Minimal discomfort customer service for 20 years

He simply enjoys
providing high quality dentistry

He has a great smile and only one filling.


From the moment you first step through the door, we want you to feel comfortable so here’s what to expect. We’ll begin with an initial examination to determine what the source of your problem is. Once that’s done, we’ll discuss your treatment plan. There are a variety of procedures we can complete for your general oral care to cosmetics treatments too. We have state of the art equipment for you such as the painless Wand and Laser dentistry for special care for your dental health.

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Ceramic Clear Braces

Teeth whitening

Get your teeth whitened this month.
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Clear Braces

We have a range of braces treatments depending on what is best for you.

Smile Makeover Veneers.

If you want to find out how you can get a nice smile of your dreams, call our office today to schedule a consultation.


Get your bite back with a dental implant.


We are named Eternal Smiles to help you realise that we provide care that lasts a very long time.  You then do not have to worry about your fillings or crowns and know that great care has been provided to last many years to come.


Patient Testimonials

"Dr Singh an excellent dentist.  The service is professional right from the initial assessment.  Nice and relaxing environment.  Thanks for helping me through out the 9 years I have been attending."

Jonathan Eden (Accountant)


"My teeth look natural again. I had a smile not to be proud of.  My teeth had been worn down due to grinding them in my sleep.  You gave clear professional advice.  Thanks to your dental skills and talent I have a great cosmetic result."

Gary Dickenson (Engineer)


"I had a Complete-Makeover and it has been worth it. Thank you for the kind attention and diligence to making my dental treatment painless.       My smile's great again I feel confident going out."

Carol Jones (Bank Manager)