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I tried teeth whitening at home using strips and my teeth did not get whiter.  In fact they were sore and gums were red.  It was painful.    The reason for this is that I did not know that my gums were infected and that the trays were not made to custom fit my mouth.

The at-home-whitening treatment for application during the day which i have used at Eternal Smiles made my teeth so much more whiter.  7 shades whiter in 2 weeks.  The whitening system at Eternal Smiles did as they had promised.  It was a spectacular result.  My friends have had it done with them and it beautiful results.  It was a comfortable process.

Teeth Whitening

Do you want a safe and reliable

Method to whiten your teeth.


If You are looking for a dentist

who can give you the best teeth whitening procedure

And help with tooth sensitivity

with a reliable teeth whitening technique


then we can help you.

Laser teeth whitening

We offer safe professional teeth whitening.


Laser technology is the most modern way of whitening teeth.  The process takes 20 minutes for your top and bottom teeth.

An instantaneous improvement in the colour of teeth occurs due to the laser. This treatment is the fastest procedure to enjoy great results.

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