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Tooth Coloured Braces With Six Months Smile Brace Fast Way to Straighten Teeth in 6 months From Today.

When It Comes to Straightening Your Teeth You Want The Best Treatment At The Best Price

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£500 Off

Tooth Coloured Braces

We’re offering new patients £500 off Tooth coloured braces treatment, so you can start working on your picture-perfect smile. Simply attend your free consultation by 30th and sign your treatment plan by 31st to qualify*.

What is Tooth Coloured Braces?

These braces use a series of tooth-coloured wires to gradually straighten your teeth.  without the need for metal wires or brackets, allowing you to transform your smile discreetly and comfortably.

Advantages of Tooth Coloured Braces?

  • Clear – Hardly anyone will notice you’re having your teeth straightened.
  • Comfortable – Custom-made, smooth and comfortable to wear.
  • Quicker than Invisalign brace - More precision can be achieved with tooth positions.

How to claim £500 off your Tooth Coloured braces treatment fees.

Click on the button below to book your free consultation at your local practice and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. Available to new private patients aged 19 years and over only.


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We Can Treat Your Crowded Teeth.


Also Treatable Are Open Spaces.


Terms and Conditions

*Terms and conditions: 1. The £500 off offer is only available to new private patients aged 19 years and over. 2. Only available to patients who attend a free consultation before the end of the month and sign up to a full treatment plan at Eternal Smiles by 31st. 3. Subject to patient suitability. 4. The £500 off offer is only valid against the full price of a full treatment great than £2495 and not including dental extractions. 5. Free consultations are to discuss options and suitability for treatment. Subsequent clinical examinations and diagnostic tests required, and any associated costs will be discussed prior to treatment commencing. 6. Appointments subject to availability. 7. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.