Multiple Implants in Solihull


We have placed multiple implants in one treatment session.  Dr Singh's skill and experience in placing dental implants mean he can suggest a treatment plan that meets you best.

We are great with nervous patients and offer a pain-free service with modern technologies such as the Wand and Lasers.  We use the best implants for you.

Whether simple or complicated, we have seen it before so you can be assured of a realistic opinion. In his hands, it is a gentle technique and his dental implant success rate speaks for itself.

25 Several Before and And After

" I was nervous to have dental implants.  Dr Singh and his team helped me through the process.  I feel so comfortable now."

Lucy Adams

Another happy patient who has found it easy to chew again.


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"I am so happy to eat naturally again.  My dentures moved in my mouth when chewing.  Thanks to Eternal Smiles I am able to eat normally again."                                                                                       Jane Murphy

Some questions to ask yourself -

Are you concerned about the appearance of your teeth and smile?

In social situations, I am embarrassed about my smile?

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6 Before and And After

"It was such an easy experience the dental work never gave me any pain and the staff were very relaxed and understood I have a big gag reflex!  It has made me not remotely worry about vissitng again.  Thanks for helping me replace my broken teeth.  I can enjoy my food as I did before I lost my teeth.  It feels great." 

                                                         Janet Watts

30 On Many Several Before and And After
21 Sevaeral Before and And After

"I was wearing dentures for a considerable time.  I was unhappy to remove them every night.  Dr Singh, you are very kind and gentle. I received professional service and made to feel comfortable, it looks marvellous."                                                                               .                                    Mr Lansdowne.

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