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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the nearest tooth replacement to your own natural teeth teeth. They provide an excellent solution if you have lost, or are about to lose any of your teeth and also if you are suffering with loose dentures. Traditional dentures can often be loose and may not provide the function or appearance of your natural teeth. With Dental Implants there is no need to compromise – you will have permanent teeth that are fixed in place and do not need to be removed from the mouth. You will be able to bite, chew, speak and laugh as you did with your natural teeth.

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Do you want implants with a reputable dentist then we can help you.  We have placed multiple implants in one treatment session.  Denture implants or Bridge implants could be for you! Denture implants are a great alternative to removable dentures.  And bridge implants are a reliable alternative to dental ceramic bridges

In the past full dentures or partial dentures were often the only option available for replacing mulitple missing teeth. However, some people dislike the maintenance involved with more traditional dentures. Dr Singh’s skill and experience in placing dental implants mean he can suggest a treatment plan that meets you best.

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This patient had put up with pain chewing with a denture and he then asked for a better alternative to dentures.  She became a happy patient who has found it easy to chew again on this side and not have to rely on the chewing on the other side of her mouth.

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“I am so happy to eat naturally again.  My dentures moved in my mouth when chewing.  Thanks to Eternal Smiles I am able to eat normally again.”                                                                                       Jane Murphy

” I was nervous to have dental implants.  Dr Singh and his team helped me through the process.  I feel so comfortable now.”

Lucy Adams

Some questions to ask yourself

Are you concerned about having to eat on one side of your mouth? In social situations, I am embarrassed about my smile? Do you find your dentures drop or move while eating and you are having to reposition them?

Are you ready for a better alternative?

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The team is great with nervous patients and offer a pain-free service with modern technologies such as the Wand and Lasers.  We use the best implants for you. Whether simple or complicated, we have seen it before so you can be assured of a realistic opinion. In his hands, it is a gentle technique and his dental implant success rate speaks for itself.

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It was such an easy experience the dental work never gave me any pain and the staff were very relaxed and understood I have a big gag reflex!  It has made me not remotely worry about vissitng again.  Thanks for helping me replace my broken teeth.  I can enjoy my food as I did before I lost my teeth.  It feels great.” 


Implant retained dentures

Implant retained dentures are a type of denture that attach to specially designed implants to hold them in place. You might hear them referred to as snap-in dentures or click-in dentures. Traditional removable dentures will be held in place by suction and specialist adhesives, but implant retained dentures are attached to small implants which are placed in the jawbone. This means they are much more secure and will allow you to talk confidently and eat most foods.

As they are attached to dental implants set in the jaw, they will also be much smaller than traditional removable dentures. This means you will have fewer issues with speaking, eating and swallowing.

Why Choose Implant Supported Dentures?

Most our patients say this :

  • Strong, stable bite
  • Highly natural appearance
  • Do not shift, rock or make noise
  • Do not require paste or adhesive
  • Significantly improve quality of life

Implant Bridges

We only replace the missing tooth and we don’t touch the other teeth. Fitting a bridge to replace a missing tooth can have a detrimental impact on the surrounding teeth. An implant also helps to maintain the bone in that area of your jaw.

“I was wearing dentures for a considerable time.  I was unhappy to remove them every night.  Dr Singh, you are very kind and gentle. I received professional service and made to feel comfortable, it looks marvellous.”                                                                               .                                    Mr Lansdowne.


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