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Why Have Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a long-lasting and excellent treatment for replacing missing or failing teeth. They also secure the dentures and allow the mouth to restore its natural function. Many adults undertake dental implants because of its many advantages in terms of oral health.  Find out how Gillian and Bernard had implant treatments with us.

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We Provide Safe And Reliable Dental Implants That Look Natural.

If You Have One Tooth Missing You Can Have A Single Implant.

If you have Many Teeth Missing Then We will consider A Bridge Implant.

Or If You Have Existing Dentures We Can Make Them Feel tighter For Biting With Implants.

What are the benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are simple, secure and permanent solutions to the problem of missing teeth. They substitute for the lost teeth by replacing the natural roots. Indistinguishable from natural teeth, dental implants serve as reliable alternatives to uncomfortable dentures or bridgework. Moreover, a single implant can simply replace a single missing tooth.

We have 

  • A reputation built on clinical excellence, outstanding results and best in class patient care
  • Over 25 years’ experience placing hundreds of tooth implants
  • Proven record in treating patients that others say can’t be treated
  • We use the most advanced technology and techniques
  • We use only the highest quality implants and materials
  • Transparent, affordable costs with finance plans available – no hidden costs, ever


A Variety of Dental Implants from Eternal Smiles Dental Centre.

Our dental implants procedure in Birmingham comprises of great implant systems. They do have the research, quality, backup and reliability that we require. The Eternal Smiles Dental Centre believes that quality dental care entails advanced technologies and techniques that can satisfy implant placement requirements.


We Ensure You Have  Cosmetic And Effective Implants Placed In Your Mouth

So You Can Enjoy Biting The Foods You Love.

Do you want to bite as you did before on your tooth that was pulled out?  Then consider dental implants. No more missing teeth. Enjoy your life.

Talk and smile as you did in the past.  We use cosmetic techniques to provide the correct goldern proportions so your teeth look like the adjacent teeth. We match the colour to be the same as your other teeth.


Are you looking for dental implants that look, feel and perform like your normal teeth?

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Missing teeth problems can affect not only your smile, but other aspects of your life as well – such as your self-confidence. Tooth loss can make you feel insecure with the knowledge that your smile is incomplete. Dentures can quickly make your smile complete again so you can confidently interact with other people. The removable teeth replacement is designed to fit comfortably in your mouth for a natural-looking and improved smile after tooth loss.

However, the way dentures fit change over time. Because they are removable and only made to sit on top of the gums, they are affected by how the jawbone changes with time – such as when the bone becomes thinner because it lacks stimulation from the lost tooth roots. While the bone underneath progressively deteriorates, the way the dentures fit become affected as well. This results in loose dentures that tend to move uncontrollably inside your mouth, causing embarrassment and discomfort with every movement.

There is a way to keep your dentures or teeth restorations in place – with the help of dental implants. These titanium tooth roots are placed into the jawbone directly to form a firm anchor where the tooth restorations can be attached to. And because they are embedded into the bone tissue, they – and the attached teeth restorations – are guaranteed to stay put. When you choose dental implants as your missing teeth solution, you can say goodbye to the discomfort and embarrassment brought by loose dentures as you welcome confident smiles.

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"I had a set of dentures made recently at my last dentist and they were not good enough to bite with.  Dr Singh recommended that I have implants to eat better.  Now after the procedure, I am able to enjoy eating."            Sheila.

Modern Implant Placement Procedure

The implant process normally involves several steps that take place over a time from 3 to 9 months. With Mini Implants, however, the implant process can take only days.

  1. Initial Consultation – Treatment Planning  After discussing possible alternatives, our dental surgeon will assess the feasibility of providing implant treatment.
  2. Dental Implant Placement - Implants are placed in the dental surgery. If, after assessment, the underlying jawbone is judged to be deficient, a number of options are made available for bone regeneration.
  3. Healing Period - With our dental implants and after placement, you will have healed sufficiently within days after the surgery. In most cases however, it is often suggested that a period of three months or more be allowed for the implant to fully integrate and heal into the bone.
  4. The Restorative Phase - Once integrated (or healed), the implants will be uncovered and a variety or restorations (Crowns, Bridges, Removable Denture) will be considered.
  5. Maintenance - Following the completion of implant treatment, patients need to clean thoroughly around the implants as instructed by the dentist. They should attend their dentist for regular reviews so that the health of the soft tissue, bone levels and the integrity of the restoration can be checked.


"Staff are lovely, very accommodating to my schedule when booking appointments. Dr Singh is very professional, very caring and puts his heart and soul into creating the right treatment for each individual. I feel like I am well taken care of by everyone at the clinic.  I have a new set of comfortable implant teeth"  Hazel

dental implants

Around two to three months after surgery, your bone will have fully integrated with the dental implants.

Aftercare – keeping your new teeth looking great

We use only the highest quality materials in the planning and construction of your same-day dental implants and new teeth.

Just like with natural teeth, your dental implants can last a lifetime if they are consistently well cared for.

Most dental implant failure is caused by the lack of a really good at-home dental hygiene routine, so you must commit to looking after your new teeth. This is crucial to the long-term success of your implants and new teeth.

We will provide you with instructions and guidance on how to brush and clean.

We will subscribe you to our Maintenance Programme and recommend that you come back to see the Eternal Smiles Dental Centre regularly so we can monitor and maintain the health of your teeth and gums and keep your implants in the best possible condition.

Continued care of your new teeth every six months is vital for continuing health, aesthetics and function, just as with natural teeth.

Get dental implants that look, feel and perform like normal teeth.

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