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Damon Braces For Stunning Results

At Eternal Smiles, we are seeing an increasing number of people who are asking for braces that are more discreet and more comfortable to wear. That is why we use the Damon System braces.

Damon Clear® smiles are achieved with light biologically sensitive forces, and are specifically designed to improve the overall result. This means greater comfort, discrete appearance, fewer appointments and often reduced treatment times.

It’s time to look at braces in a whole new light. Show off your smile while in treatment and for years to come.

Really pleased with the results from my braces. Eternal Smiles made things really simple, clear & affordable. The treatment was pretty painless too & I’m so much happier with my smile now. I would definitely recommend Eternal Smiles to anyone considering fixing their teeth as an adult. Wearing the brace wasn’t that bad either, you do get used to it really quickly.


“My teeth look fantastic.  The treatment was comfortable and the staff are great.  I have nice straight teeth and am full of confidence.”


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How Do The Results Compare?

With Damon Clear, you get more than straight teeth. A Damon doctor will take into account your unique facial proportions when aligning your teeth, bite and smile. In no time at all, you’ll have the smile and facial profile and aesthetics you’ve always dreamed about.

It is a system which does not require the removal of teeth. Teeth are usually moved outwards into the lip. After treatment, a retainer needs to be worn to prevent the lip pressure moving your teeth back into the mouth. It is a useful technique for those patients who are anxious about extractions.

How Comfortable are they?

Clinical studies show that the Damon System provides more comfortable orthodontic treatment than traditional braces. Damon Clear uses tie-less braces that don’t need to be “tightened” and are gentle to the teeth and tissues.

Successful Dental Treatments

“After a few months of treatment, my teeth are so straight.  I hated looking at my canine tooth in the mirror every morning.  Now I love my smile. Thanks, Eternal Smiles.”


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