Do your teeth looked chipped or are fractured or just not the right size or shape then a cosmetic dental bonding procedure can be used to enhance your smile.

A bonding procedure is the choice in these modern times to keep your teeth longer.

In some situations, a pointy tooth can be made to look better by softinenig the edges of it.  Like a pointy canine can be made to look better after recountouring to make it look less like a fang.

recontouring canine teeth before and after

Dental recontouring is available for the following reasons:


1) To improve appearance

2) to make canine teeth look less like fangs 

3) to bring teeth together by closing gaps

4) to maintain the natural bite and

5) to improve chewing ability.

6) to smooth rough edges on the bottoms of teeth

tooth bonding

"I did not like my long teeth.  The edges were broken and I am looking awesome."


tooth bonding

"The edges of my teeth were chipped.  Thank you for the brilliant smile you have given me"


Choose Your Smile

With our computer-aided design and 3-D modelling, an Eternal Smiles Dentist smile makeover in Solihull, Birmingham will provide our patients with the opportunity to choose the enhancements they want. The end result of the chosen treatments can be visualised in advance of treatments, using our specialist computer programmes. By using this amazing technology, you will know what a difference each treatment will make; trial veneers and restorations can then be put on a 3-D model so that you can truly appreciate how your chosen treatments will look when complete.

Value for Your Money

We explain our treatment options and competitive fees well in advance, making our services as easy to understand as possible and helping you to pick and choose the particular treatments you want to have as part of your smile makeover, with no ‘nasty surprises’ in your final bill. Our overall fees are below average for any smile makeover in Birmingham; we also offer a number of affordable payment plans to help our patients to budget. For example, our simple membership plan has no hidden loopholes and the best services are available for a single monthly payment of just £7.83, making it easy for our members to enjoy the benefits of a yearly cover.  Or look at at an enhance plan for just £15.88 including the following:

  • Health consultation and assessment
  • Hygiene sessions
  • Dental X-rays (as recommended)
  • Dental medication
  • Guarantee on restorative work for 24 months

Regular maintenance and care of your teeth together with a smile makeover in Birmingham will give you a beautiful smile that you will be happy to show off.

recontouring canine teeth before treatment
recontouring canine teeth before treatment

"Thank you for making my teeth look so nice with dental bonding.  I thought it was going to be difficult because my old dentist had told me it would not be possible.  Eternal Smiles dentist was able to make me smile again."




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