Cold Sores And Ulcers

that reoccur every month in the mouth.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are very common and can be treated very effectively with lasers at our dental practice.

This patients ulcer lasered for 1 minute and the pain reduced by 90%.  And cleared up 3 days later.


Recently, several studies using lasers show they help with both a reduction in pain and provide for quicker healing compared to other treatments.

"Thanks for stopping the pain from my cold sore. It healed up within 3 days and not have to wait more than a week."


Aphthous Ulcers


Aphthous ulcers are a common occurrence in the general population. Although not life-threatening, they can be the source of a great deal of patient annoyance and discomfort.

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We use a laser to help reduce pain in many patients mouths.  It is an easy process that takes 30 seconds.