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Best Dental Implant Solutions

Are you looking to replace missing teeth or secure loose dentures with implants to provide you with the best dental implant solution?

Do you want a solution that helps you get the bite you had before you lost your tooth? 

Implants are the new alternative to traditional solutions such as bridges or dentures.  You will want them since the neighbouring teeth do not have to be worked on.

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Whether simple or complicated, Dr Singh has seen it before so you can be assured of an informed opinion explained in a way you’ll understand.

“I feel great about my smile now. My tooth had broken off while eating.  I rang the surgery and they were able to fit me and do the procedure.  Eternal smiles staff were great.  Dr Singh explained the procedure and explained how he would make sure I felt no pain during treatment.  After surgery, there was minimal discomfort as he had promised.  I have had my tooth for a few months and it looks fine.”


How Are Implants Stable?

Implants are secured deep into the bone of the jaw. We wait for 3 months while the bone secures itself around the best dental implant. This gives it a great chance of being strong in the bone.

We provide the best quality care and use current techniques to make sure the implant has the best chance of success for our patients.

Implant Appointment Steps

A full examination and an x-ray needs to be taken to meet the initial requirements.  

An appointment is made to place the implant into the jaw.  

Then we wait for the bone to heal and secure around the implant. 

Next on the implant connector a crown is placed.  

The crown will created to give you a beautiful smile and make you your bite like you did before.

Oral Health


As soon as a tooth is lost, the balance in your entire dental structure is disturbed. The created gap allows for the remaining teeth (especially the ones nearest to the gap) to tilt and shift as a result of even the most normal regular chewing.

This could lead to further oral problems down the line, especially if the distorted structure of the teeth interferes with the patient’s chewing abilities. It isn’t uncommon to see someone lose multiple teeth over the years as a result of this and more often than not, the bone loss occurs in the same row, side by side.

“I knocked my tooth out playing sports.  Dr Singh suggested an implant rather than a bridge.  I had the procedure and it was a success. “


Dr Singh work is founded on clinical excellence to achieve optimum results for all situations with careful planning.

“I fell over and broke my teeth. My dentist could not offer implants he just gave me a denture.  I was comfortable at Eternal Smiles, the implant was the best decision.  I am able to bite like I use to.  The team are so nice and gentle”.


“From the start, to the completion my treatment has been brilliant.  I was always made to feel special.  Dr Singh and his team have always been kind and considerate to my needs.  Best of all I have my biting teeth back.”


The Comfort

If you have all your teeth intact, then you probably don’t have any idea how it feels when a particularly hard piece of food comes in-between the exposed root of the missing molar and an existing one.

Let’s just say that it isn’t a very comfortable experience and once that keeps happening almost every time you try to eat, it’s not rare to see people giving up on meat and other previously loved food sources to alleviate themselves from the continuous pain and discomfort. In a way, losing your ability to properly chew food can potentially stop you from enjoying a very big part of your life.


A dental crown with the best dental implant to support it can dramatically change the life of someone

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